#312 with Bryan Static: Razorcake Podcast

Apr 25, 2014

#312 with Bryan Static: Razorcake Podcast

So, I’m pretty much a liar. I lie about a lot of things. “How’re you doing?” “Oh, I’m good.” I guess I just don’t want to bum people out. If I actually told people what I was really thinking about, I feel like the amount of friends I have would plummet to even lower troughs. Eventually, my goal is to make it so when I say “Oh, I’m good,” I’m actually being genuine and everything is good. If I keep repeating it, eventually it will be true, right?

Today I present you with 18 tracks of high quality punk rock. Cultivated in the basements and rehearsal spaces across America and aged for your listening pleasure.

As always, tell me about any new records I’ve totally ignored or your favorite state vegetable at bryansta[email protected]. (The state vegetable in Oklahoma is watermelon. W

Colleen Green, “Heavy Shit” Sock it to Me (Hardly Art)
Two Hand Fools, “Posessions” Self-titled (Messy Life)
The Tough Shits, “She’s a Loner”, Self-titled (Burger)
Youthbitch, “Heart Attack”, Don’t Fuck This Up (Jonnycat)
New Swears, “Good Girls”, Funny Isn’t Real (Dirt Cult)
Crazy Spirit, “Baseball Bat” Self-titled (Toxic State)
Autistic Youth, “Always Running” Nonage (Dirtnap)
Ex-Cult, “Better Life Through Chemistry” Self-titled (Goner)
Modern Pets, “Clocked Assholes” Sorry. Thanks (Dead Beat)
Dan Vapid And The Cheats, “Live It Down” Two (Torture Chamber)
Lipstick Homicide, “What I’m Searchin’ For” Out Utero (Bloated Kat)
Bad Sports, “Terrible Place” Bras (Dirtnap)
Crying, “Olde World” Get Olde (Quote Unquote)
Rumspringer, “Air Raid Curfew” Stay Afloat (Dirt Cult)
Shellshag, “Forever” Shellshag Forever (Don Giovanni)
Burnt Ones, “Freak in the Fog” You’ll Never Walk Alone (Burger)
Handski, “Let’s Not Blow This Into Proportion” Terminal Dreamland (Self-released)
VVHILE, “Marriage Riots” VVHILE IS VANITY (Dirt Cult)