#311 with Daryl Gussin: Razorcake Podcast

Apr 18, 2014

#311 with Daryl Gussin: Razorcake Podcast

Two things seemed specifically important as I turned 30.

1) There must be a bounce house at my birthday party.

2) My band has to start covering a song from the first Clash record.

Luckily, both tasks were pretty easy to pull off. But I asked myself, “Why is this important? Am I trying to convince myself and the people around me that I’m still young?” No! Fuck it, it’s important because it’s fun. Jump up and down, run in circles, metaphorically and literally. You’re only gonna get older, so embrace it, both with open arms and a grain of salt. You can either live the rest of your life freaking out about how old you are, which is a losing fight. Or get up off your ass and make all your terrible, idiotic ideas a reality. Who knows, maybe one of them wont be a total disaster.

I’m rooting for you.


Adrian Tenney, “3 Desert Haikus” (Rounds comp LP, The Wulf.)
A Page Of Punk, “We Are Page Of Punk” (Fool’s Punk Line LP, Drunken Sailor)
A Page Of Punk, “You Ought to Die” (Fool’s Punk Line LP, Drunken Sailor)
A Page Of Punk, “Fuck America” (Fool’s Punk Line LP, Drunken Sailor)
Acid Fast, “Tease” (Rabid Moon LP, Protagonist / Adagio830 / CCCC)
Crass, “Where Next Columbus?” (Penis Envy LP, Crass)
The Visitors, “Golden Coast” (Yeti LP, It’s Alive)
Dead Mechanical, “Off a Bridge” (Ok Night LP, Toxic Pop)
Poison Idea, “Made to be Broken” (Kings of Punk LP, Taang! re-issue)
Shark Toys, “Who Cares?” (Self-titled LP, Dead Beat)
North Trolls, “Migraines” (Sup? LP, No Breaks)
Ritual Control, “Entitlement” (No Affinity 7”, Residue)
La Misma, “Arete” (Self-titled 7”, Toxic State)
The Salteens, “Polyurethane” (Whiskey & Records 7”, 25 Diamonds)
Brain F≠, “Dirty Realism” (Empty Set LP, Grave Mistake / Sorry State)
Criminal Code, “Graven Image” (No Device LP, Deranged)
Darto, “Mother Image” (In Difference LP, Echolalic)