#310 with Mitch Clem: Razorcake Podcast

Apr 11, 2014

#310 with Mitch Clem: Razorcake Podcast

Mitch Clem and Bryan Static are back, way way WAY sooner than usual (it's almost like they recorded two episodes in a single night or something), and they've brought with them a VERY SPECIAL THEME PLAYLIST! Hooray! Ladies and etc, get those headphones cranked and get ready for THE DOUBLE DIP! "What the effin crap goddamn hell is that supposed to mean??!?!" you ask? First off, calm down. Second off, you're gonna want to listen to find out! No, don't just look at the track list and make an educated guess you dummy! The Razorcake Musical Punk Rock Family Podcast ain't about READIN’! It's about LISTENIN’! Besides, the actual audio podcast itself features a full bonus hour (or at least that's how long it feels) of Mitch rambling incessantly about God Knows What! You wanna hear Mitch sing some awful made up songs? You wanna tally the bonus Donna shoutouts leftover from the last episode? For crying out loud, junior, DO YOU OR DO YOU NOT WANNA MOTHEREFFING ROCK?? Then let's do this!

-Mitch Clem

Hickey, "Sean's Hohawk" (Probe)
Hickey, "California Redemption" (Probe)
Dear Landlord, "Park Bench" (No Idea)
Dear Landlord, "Goodbye to Oakland" (No Idea)
Sass Dragons, "Workhorse" (Johann's Face)
Sass Dragons, "Dopesmoker" (Johann's Face)
Arrivals, "-1" (Thick)
Arrivals, "Hell Can Wait" (Thick)
Lemuria, "Dog" (Asian Man)
Lemuria, "Dogs" (Asian Man)
Grabass Charlestons, "Those Line Cooks Are Mysterious" (No Idea)
Grabass Charlestons, "What a Country!" (No Idea)
The Ergs!, "Most Violent Rap Group" (Don Giovanni)
The Ergs!, "Pray For Rain" (Don Giovanni)
Less Than Jake, "Short on Ideas" (Asian Man)
Less Than Jake, "One Last Cigarette" (Asian Man)