#307 with Mitch Clem: Razorcake Podcast

Mar 21, 2014

#307 with Mitch Clem: Razorcake Podcast

What better way to ring in the Spring season than with a Top Ten of 2013 countdown so unbelievably long overdo it's a miracle Razorcake's even allowing it. So here we go! Are you curious what Mitch Clem's favorite albums of last year were but not curious enough to just go read him blog about it several months ago? Well yer in luck, buckaroo, because this very special installment of the Razorcake Musical Punk Rock Family Podcast features a selection of hits from that exact list, plus so much idiotic rambling between tracks that the episode doesn't even wind up running significantly shorter than normal despite featuring four fewer songs than normal! Now THAT'S what I call never shutting the hell up! Ruminations on the popularity of Beyonce, the official names of those labels in the center of a vinyl record, Mitch singing a lot more than normal, and copious shoutouts to Donna, our only fan, abound! Get on it, punx!

-Mitch Clem

Direct Hit!, "Message to the Angels" (Red Scare)
Benny the Jet Rodriguez, "Stand Around" (Recess)
Radioactivity, "World of Pleasure" (Dirtnap)
Wringer, "Closed Book" (Smellhound)
Swearin', "Dust in the Gold Sack" (Salinas/Wichita)
They Might Be Giants, "Call You Mom" (Idlewild)
The Courtneys, "Manion" (Hockey Dad)
RVIVR, "Spider Song" (Rumbletowne)
Nona, "Jack Chan" (Mandible)
Crusades, "The Signs of the Times" (No Idea)