#303 with Bryan Static: Razorcake Podcast

Feb 20, 2014

#303 with Bryan Static: Razorcake Podcast

You know, I recorded this podcast in 2013. I fucked up a little and now it’s super late. Let’s pretend it’s still December 2013, okay?

Hey ho, Razorcakeateers! It’s me, Bryan Static, here to bring you another round of delicious punk jams! And what better way to celebrate the end of a fantastic year of music than with a celebration of music from years past? This year is the 10th anniversary of my favorite band’s first album: The Marked Men’s self-titled debut. I’ve written about my love for the Marked Men before and, let me tell you, I’m nowhere close to shutting up about them yet. Join me, won’t you? In my time machine, we’ll take a journey back to 2003. To a world that does not yet know the Marked Men…

E-mail me about the Marked Men or your Marked Men Marked Men Marked Men at [email protected].


The Marked Men, “I Can’t Be Good” (I Can’t Be Good, Mortville)
The Reds, “Don’t Wake Me Up” (Self-titled, Rip Off)
The Reds, “It’s About Time” (It’s About Time, Rip Off)
The Marked Men, “Waste of Space” (Self-titled, Dirtnap/Rip Off)
Chop-Sakis, “Millennium Baby” (Ghost Town Crowd, Little Deputy)
The Marked Men, “Cool Devices” (On the Outside, Dirtnap)
Potential Johns, ??? (Unreleased)
The Marked Men ,“Don’t Look at Me” (Fix My Brain, Swami)
Chinese Telephones, “Crying in the Chapel” (Self-titled, It’s Alive)
Shang-A-Lang, “Someday We’ll Get There” (Sad Magic, Fast Crowd)
The Marked Men, “Blew My Head” (Ghosts, Dirtnap)
Mind Spiders, “Worlds Destroyed” (Self-titled 7”, Dirtnap)
High Tension Wires, “The Universal People’s Church” (Welcome New Machine, Dirtnap)
The Novice, “Your Crime” (Self-titled 7”, Dirtnap)
Low Culture, “Touchy Feely” (Screens, Dirtnap)
Mind Spiders, “Pictures” (Inhumanistic, Dirtnap)
Radioactivity, “Locked in My Head” (Self-titled, Dirtnap)