#302 with Rene Navarro: Razorcake Podcast

Feb 13, 2014

#302 with Rene Navarro: Razorcake Podcast

As I travel through life I seem to rediscover the world around me which I mistakenly thought I understood. It’s almost as if day by day, my mind seems less willing to accept the tangible reality which I inhabit, yearning more and more for a different sort of existence. As I push everything farther away, I find myself more and more alone within myself. I occasionally feel like my true self is nothing more than the inner voice which guides my physical body through grappling matches. It is clear and understands context, action/reaction, power, technique, the immeasurable spirit of the human soul trapped within flesh and bones. Most of these songs have to do with madness, perception, longing, and pain. This is my so-called life, personified by the sounds which have become my solace.

–Rene Navarro

The Jam, “Dream Time”
The Buzzcocks, “Why Can’t I Touch It?”
Hüsker Dü, “Could You Be the One?”
Psychedelic Furs, “Into You Like a Train”
AC/DC, “Give Me a Bullet”
What Happens Next?, “Positive Youth (It’s Not Just For Kids Anymore)”
Black Flag, “Loose Nut”
The Cramps, “Haul Ass Hyena”
The Clash, “Police on My Back”
Fugazi, “Waiting Room”
The Clash, “White Riot”
Fugazi, “Nice New Outfit”