#301 with Bianca and Simon of LA Zine Fest!: Razorcake Podcast

Feb 06, 2014

#301 with Bianca and Simon of LA Zine Fest!: Razorcake Podcast

Tomorrow, “Zine Week,” an entire week of zine-celebratory activity begins, all leading up to the first ever "3rd annual L.A. Zine Fest,” organizers Simon and Bianca took a night off from planning to play music, eat tacos, and drink a mediocre amount of beer. They continue to discuss the ups and downs of putting together a large city-wide event, and running it as smooth as possible thanks to the help of dedicated volunteers and supportive soccer moms turned zine parents.


Swearin', "Hear to Hear" (Self-titled, Salinas)
So Wrong, "Pet Girl" (Drug Life, Burger)
Andrew Jackson Jihad, "Sense, Sensibility" (Can't Maintain, Asian Man)
Lipstick Homicide, "Rocker Chick" (Out Utero, Bloated Kat)
The Shivas, "Swimming With Sharks" (WHITEOUT, K)
Shellshag, "There for You" (Rumors in Disguise, Don Giovanni)
Vacation, "Horny Politicians" (Candy Waves, Don Giovanni)
Christian Club, "Kill For Christ" (Final Confession, Sorry State)
Pretty Faces, "War of the Elephants" (Ten Year Anniversary Omnibus2012, Tor Johnson)
Shitty Weekend, "Well, Well, Well" (Split w/King Elephant, Tummy Rock)
Lim, "Sinnesfrid" (Snutas, Know)
Espectrostatic, “Smokeface Appears” (Self-titled, Trouble In Mind)
Pink Reason, "Slate Train" (Self-titled?, Criminal IQ)