3: By Robnoxious, 104 pgs.

Aug 31, 2008

This collection of short stories is the third book self-published by Rob, who is also the co-editor of an excellent zine about gender and sex called Boy/Girl. And damn, Minneapolis punks are always doing cool shit in their zines. It seems like a six pack of beer and a road bike are all a person needs to thrive in the city. In this book, there’s a story about an eviction party, a couple of intelligent anti-war rants, and DIY tips for the outdoors. My favorite story also happens to also be the lengthiest part of this book: journal entries Rob wrote while floating down the Ohio River on his boat, The Wild Dragonfly. Reading about that adventure made me smile because I love his attitude and the fact that he focuses on the kindness of the people around him and his own good luck. –Lauren Trout ([email protected])