#298 with Todd Taylor: Razorcake Podcast

Jan 17, 2014

#298 with Todd Taylor: Razorcake Podcast

The past several months have been pretty unforgiving to Razorcake as a fanzine. A couple weeks ago, our local printer of the past thirteen years shuttered their doors. The place where we’ve dropped off our bulk mail also closed. We’ll now have to go further down a busy freeway in a small truck that’s so laden that the mud flap (singular) scrapes around corners.

We’ll adjust. I’m confident of that. It’s just that the unknowns are stressful and intimidating. We now have to decipher different types of codes. (Like never drop off mail at the international station on a Friday unless you want to wait for two hours to get in the building. Don’t make any boxes heavier than fifteen pounds if you can help it. Making statements to our printer, like “I want the blackest black ink you can give us,” and doing weird shit on our end to make sure it happens, although it makes little sense as a set of directions.)

These are pragmatics, the backbone activities to a fanzine.
They’re pretty invisible.
Below is music, the spirit of our fanzine.
It’s pretty invincible. In my book, at least.


PS: What the fuck? In the last two months of 2013, I got my mitts on over ten amazing DIY punk albums. Since I started writing for fanzines fulltime in 1996, I’ve never heard so much awesome music released in such a short timeframe.

We win.

Radioactivity, "That Other Life" (Self-titled 7"EP, Alien Snatch)
Crusades, "The Heroic Frenzies" (Perhaps You Deliver This Judgment with Greater Fear Than I Receive It, No Idea)
Sick Sick Birds, "Burns in the Middle" (All the Fins in the Sea 7"EP, Ghostbot)
Worriers, "Passion" (Cruel Optimist, Don Giovanni)
Dead Mechanical, "Last Summer" (OK Night, Toxic Pop)
Visitors, "Miles" (Yeti, It's Alive)
Canadian Rifle, "Bridge the Gap" (Deep Ends, Dirt Cult)
Cosmic Psychos, "She's Crackin' Up" (Go the Hack, Goner / Aarght!)
Western Addiction, "Black Salt" (Pines7", Fat)
Nightmare Boyzzz, "Baby, It's Alright" (Bad Patterns, Slovenly)
Mind Spiders, "Suicide" (Inhmanistic, Dirtnap)
Red Dons, "Dead Ender" (Notes on the Underground 7", Grave Mistake)
Libyans, "Desperate Plea" (Expired Language, Sorry State)
Bümbklåått "Birds of Prey" (Luctus, Prank)
Criminal Damage, "Call of Death" (Call of Death, Feral Ward)