#290 with Todd Taylor: Razorcake Podcast

Nov 22, 2013

#290 with Todd Taylor: Razorcake Podcast

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I blame society for this one, but I should just blame myself.

It’s just a fuckin’ track list for a podcast, right? Slap some songs together, try to tell some jokes, forget correct details, done. Go stare at the sky some more.

I hate dancing in public when punk or old soul’s not being played. I feel like a traitor. To myself—to my thirteen-year-old self; to my forty-one-year-old self—if I feign excitement when I don’t have it. (Sliding scales change depending on booze and the, “Okay, she’s my wife. One dance. Don’t be a doosh” clause I imaginarily signed with my wedding vows.)

I’m merely on a DIY punk guard post over the sea of digital shit that’s lapping into our brains, attention, and wallets.

But, in my mind, these songs have to “fit.” Not “fit” like anything’s for sale. Not like there are any points to gain, credibility to build or lose. They all have to buckle together in my mystery of a brain, like an exciting professional wrestling match, like chapters to a good novel, like ingredients of a burrito, like the set list you want to hear when you’re on your way to see your favorite band…

-Todd Taylor

California Sun” (Hospital, Bat Skates / TKO)
The Old Firm Casuals, “Born Criminal” (Born Criminal 7”EP, TKO)
Young Offenders, “Situations” (Self-titled 7”EP, Parts Unknown)
Riverboat Gamblers, “Jenna” (Self-titled LP, Recorded Messages)
Flag Of Democracy, “Geisha” (23 LP, SRA)
Youth Avoiders, “Affliction” (Self-titled LP, Deranged)
Abject Object, “Cruel” (Romance LP, EchoCanyon / Protagonist / Corn Dog / Flower Of Carnage)
The Estranged, “Sacred Decay” (Sacred Decay 7”, Green Noise)
Generacion Suicida, “El Centro” (Con La Muerte a Tu Lado LP, Going Underground)
White Murder, “Harold’s Place” (“Harold’s Place” b/w “The Tell-All,” Tru Vow)
The Brotherhood Of Electricity, (“Hearse” / “Nothing,” Self-titled 7”, Super Secret)
Pangea, “Golden Arches” (Harvest Moon Society / Pangea, Split 7”, Stress Domain)
Big Boys, “Hollywood Swingin’” (Fun, Fun, Fun…, 12”EP, 540)