#289 with Daryl Gussin: Razorcake Podcast

Nov 15, 2013

#289 with Daryl Gussin: Razorcake Podcast

The first incarnation of this podcast was so goddamn weird and disjointed. I wrote out all the tracklisting, looked at it, and thought, “What the fuck?! Do I even like these songs?”

I ended up removing a couple tracks, and then removing yet more tracks, and here’s what you got. I think there are some pleasant surprises confined to this poorly guarded fortress of punk. It could definitely have been a lot worse.

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PS: Thanks to Kris, Julie, Eric, Todd, and Var for the records!

Broken Gold, “Leave a Light” (Recovery Journal, Volcom)
Boilerman, “Gee, Thanks” (Loss Leaders, Self-released)
Dead Dog, “Most Precious Child” (Precious Child, Dead Broke)
Kent State, “Disconnected” (The Wrong Side of History, Debt Offensive)
Crusades, “The Art of Memory” (Perhaps You Deliver… LP, No Idea)
Big Boys, “Fun Fun Fun” (Fun, Fun, Fun… LP re-issue, 540)
Limp Wrist, “This Ain’t No Cross on My Hand” (Barbaric Thrash Demolition Vol. II, 625 Thrash)
Red Dons, “Cold Hearted” (Notes on the Underground 7”, Grave Mistake)
Angel Du$t, “Rage” (Xtra Raw 7”, React!)
The Stops, “Up, Looking Down” (Self-titled 7”, Residue)
Dogjaw, “Last Beyond” (Split 12” with Agatha, Rumbletowne)
Gas Rag, “The End” (Human Rights 7”, Beach Impediment)
Shellshag, “Driving Song” (Forever, Don Giovanni)
Abject Object, “Pillow Talk” (Romance, Echo Canyon / Flower Of Carnage / Protagonist / Corndog)