#288 with Bryan Static: Razorcake Podcast

#288 with Bryan Static: Razorcake Podcast

Hey ho, Razorcakateers! It’s another new and wonderful podcast for you filled with my incoherent rambling and superior musical tastes. I have compiled a list of songs which require you, normally, to listen to an album all the way until the end. But fuck effort, right? So here they are in a simple package for your consuming pleasure.

As always, email me your favorite album closers or useful woodworking tips to
Descendents, “Jean is Dead” (Milo Goes to College, New Alliance)

The Arrivals, “The Joke” (Marvels of Industry, Recess)
Japanther, “Come Back Home” (Beets, Lime & Rice, Recess)
Scared of Chaka, “I Don’t Wanna” (Crossing With Switchblades, Hopeless)
Screeching Weasel, “My Brain Hurts” (My Brain Hurts, Lookout!/Asian Man)

Unfun, “1342” (Sick Outside View, Fast Crowd)
The Spits, “Flags” (IV, Recess)
The Bananas, “Nautical Theme” (Nautical Rock’n’Roll, Recess)
Shannon and the Clams, “I Wanna Go Home” (I Wanna Go Home, 1234 Go!)

McLusky, “Whoyouknow” (McLusky Do Dallas, Too Pure)
Superchunk, “Everything At Once” (Majesty Shredding, Merge)