#286 with Bryan Static: Razorcake Podcast

#286 with Bryan Static: Razorcake Podcast

Ah, new music, is there anything more satisfying? Living maybe. Breathing is pretty good too. Either way, here’s eighteen new(ish) tracks that make me excited about music still. Sometimes it’s hard to stay excited, which is why I only make like one podcast a year now.

Feel free to tell me what you only do once a year or tell me how many factual errors I made at achelor)
Japanther, “Stolen Flowers” (Eat Like Lisa, Act Like Bart, Recess)
Warm Soda, “Someone For You” (Someone for You, Castle Face)

Radiator Hospital, “Our Song” (Something Wild, Salinas)
Superchunk, “Your Theme” (I Hate Music, Merge)
Diarrhea Planet, “Babyhead” (I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, Infinity Cat)
Bitpart, “Vegetable Me” (Where We Are, Corn Dog)

Thee Oops, “On The Lift” (Taste of Zimbabwe, Slovenly)
Cool Mutants, “Buzzhog” (Buzzhog, Do What?)
Future of the Left, “I Am The Least of Your Problems” (The Plot Against Common Sense, Xtra Mile)
Fuzz, “This Time I Got A Reason” (This Time I Got A Reason b/w Fuzz’s Fourth Dream, Trouble in Mind)

Ovlov – Nü Pünk” (Am, Exploding In Sound)
The Night Marchers, “Thar She Blows” (Allez! Allez!, Swami)
Dog Party, “Gutters” (Lost Control, Asian Man)
Wringer, “Mammoth Cave, Pt. II” (Bullfighter, wringer.bandcamp.com)

Pale Angels, “Awful Son” (Primal Play, Kiss of Death)