#284 with Bryan Static: Razorcake Podcast

Oct 11, 2013

#284 with Bryan Static: Razorcake Podcast

Hey ho, everybody! Your best friend, Bryan Static, is back with more punk rock tunes for you to jam in your earholes. The flavor of the week: nostalgia! This is a list of crap I listened to in High School. I hope you’re cool with me handing over the reins of the podcast over to teenage me. I swear to you, all of these songs appeared for a friend on a mix tape at some point during the era of 2005-2009.

Here’s a list of differences between college me and high school me:

- I listen to instrumental music now
- I have significantly less zits

Abi Yoyos, “Playground Mutiny” (Mill Valley, Big Raccoon)
Chixdiggit!, “I Remember You” (Pink Razors, Fat)
The Mr. T Experience, “With My Looks and Your Brains” (Revenge Is Sweet And So Are You, Lookout!)
Groovie Ghoulies, “Let’s Do It Again” (Go! Stories, Stardumb)
The Queers, “Fuck The World” (Love Songs for the Retarded, Lookout!/Asian Man)
Against All Authority, “Dinkas When I Close My Eyes” (24 Hour Roadside Resistance, Hopeless)
Leftöver Crack, “Gang Control” (Fuck World Trade, Alternative Tentacles)
Subhumans, “Zyklon-B-Movie” (The Day The Country Died, Bluurg)
Mad Caddies, “Leavin’” (Just One More, Fat)
Dwarves, “Better Be Women” (Come Clean, Epitaph)
Randy, “Promise” (Randy the Band, Fat)
Sexy, “Pink Elephants” (Por Vida, Thrillhouse)
None More Black, “Dinner’s For Suckers” (File Under Black, Fat)
Consumed, “On the Take Again” (Hit For Six, Fat)
Dead to Me, “Splendid Isolation” (Cuban Ballerina, Fat)
Propagandhi, “I Was a Pre-Teen McCarthyist” (Less Talk, More Rock, Fat)
Swingin’ Utters, “All That I Can Give” (Dead Flowers, Bottles, Bluegrass, and Bones, Fat)
Crass, “You’ve Got Big Hands” (Stations of the Crass, Crass)