#283 with Kurt Morris: Razorcake Podcast

Oct 04, 2013

#283 with Kurt Morris: Razorcake Podcast

This is the first in a trilogy of podcasts dedicated to creatures in our natural world. This one is focused on songs with insects in the track name. While I’m personally creeped out by many insects, it seems that they have been associated with some good music, so I guess I shouldn’t complain. There’s also that whole thing with the food chain and being necessary for our existence, blah blah blah. But have you ever seen a big, ugly cockroach with their wiggly antennae? And it always seems they crawl around real quick and surprise you. Gives me the creeps.

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Neurosis, “Locust Star” (Relapse)
Pig Destroyer, “Black Centipede” (Robotic Empire)
Phoenix Bodies, “Half Billion Ants: A Force” (Init)
Botch, “Thank God for Worker Bees,” (Hydra Head)
Unwound, “Caterpillar” (Kill Rock Stars)
Paul Newman, “Enter the Empire of the Ants” (Trance Syndicate)
The Cure, “The Caterpillar” (Fiction)
Superchunk, “100,000 Fireflies” (Merge)
Moss Icon, “Moth” (Ebullition)
The Appleseed Cast, “The Spider Wall” (Deep Elm)
Misfits, “Queen Wasp” (Caroline)