#281 with Todd Taylor: Razorcake Podcast

Sep 20, 2013

#281 with Todd Taylor: Razorcake Podcast

Fuck Pandora and her box.

The first woman on earth, Pandora, had this box that contained all the evils of the world. It gets opened because numbnuts is bored slash curious and everything goes to absolute shit. All the evil is released.

Metrics and algorhythms are for robots of the brain.

“I don’t know anything about you except swipes and clicks. Listen to this glossy piece of wow, fine citizen!”
“Thanks robot friend!”
Welcome to a musical cul-de-sac filled with amnesia and product placement.

Ever found yourself paying $100 for a ticket to a festival and you don’t even like any of the bands playing? Pandora of the soul. The evil is let loose and acts like a teddy bear wearing tight clothing. It says it’s your buddy, that this is an adventure. It’s consumption. You’re the consumable. You’re the product that just got placed. It’s an expensive bummer.

Ever found yourself in a basement with strangers making loud noise, making you deaf, and you’re more than a little bit scared, isolated, and alienated? But it only costs between five and ten bucks. The record you pick up after the band plays is actually quite good. The only tie-ins are that you want to listen to the record over and over again and that you start recognizing and hanging out with either the bands or the other folks who show up at the shows.

Here are sixteen songs for your consideration from bands that have little in common except I like them, I like punk, and I like Hephaestus, the god of craftsmanship.

Books and vinyl continue their awesome streak.

–Todd Taylor

Detroit Cobras, “Hey Sailor” (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Le Tigre, “FYR” (Mr. Lady)
Bits Of Shit, “W.W.Me” (Total Punk)
White Murder, “Shutter Speed” (Self-released)
This Moment In Black History, “Hung Up” (VersionCity)
Tenement, “Freak in Cast Iron” (Cowabunga)
Steve Adamyk Band, “Monterrey” (Hosehead)
Gateway District, “Murakami Novels” (It’s Alive)
Frozen Teens, “Hopeless City” (Mauled By Tigers / Do Ya Hear We)
Daylight Robbery, “Distant Shores” (PoisonCity / Dirt Cult)
No More Art, “Won’t Let Go” (Man In Decline)
Oblivians, “Desperation” (In The Red)