#280 with Kurt Morris: Razorcake Podcast

Sep 13, 2013

#280 with Kurt Morris: Razorcake Podcast

Earth, wind, fire, water. The four elements. I found three songs for each element and put this podcast together. And despite what you might think, this was not inspired by Captain Planet. (Besides, there’s no heart!)

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Discharge, “A Hell on Earth” (Clay)
Misfits, “Earth A.D.” (Caroline)
Propagandhi, “Cut into the Earth” (Fat)
Chad VanGaalen, “Wind Driving Dogs” (Sub Pop)
Hot Cross, “Throw Collars to the Wind” (Level Plane)
Julia, “Forge in Wind” (Old Glory)
Japandroids, “Fire’s Highway” (Polyvinyl)
Jawbreaker, “Friendly Fire” (Blackball)
Mara’akate, “Fireball” (One Day Savior)
Elliott, “The Watermark High” (Revelation)
Harvest, “Waterfall” (Trustkill)
The Evens, “If it’s Water” (Dischord)