#278 with Daryl Gussin: Razorcake Podcast

Aug 30, 2013

#278 with Daryl Gussin: Razorcake Podcast

Long party weekends can lead to sleepless Sunday nights. Which means a fucked up Monday. And that August sun isn't making the day any shorter. But coming home and listening to all these records gives me more energy than I know what to do with. Which probably means drinking another beer or two. If you can't find one new band you like in this podcast, you're probably not listening to it anyways.

Thanks for checking it out.


Germs, "No God" (Yes LA Comp Re-issue, Frontier)
Dark Rides, "Empathy" (Walk the Floors, Do Ya Hear We?)
Sundowners, "Right Down Broadway" (Larger Half of Wisdom, Dirt Cult)
Blank Pages, "Shelter" (Self-titled, Hardware)
Roman Candles, "Riley Vs. Jason" (Riley Versus Jason…, Plan-It-X)
Sick Sick Birds, "Burns in the Middle" (All the Fins in the Sea, Ghostbot)
White Murder, "Arteries are Flexible" (third EP, Self-released)
Cold Circuits, "Stifling Light" (Self-titled EP, Satellite Visions / Erste Theke Tonträger)
Replica, "Big Black Boots" (Self-titled, Prank)
Rumspringer, "Shitfaced in a Bathroom Stall" (Stay Afloat, Dirt Cult)
Criaturas, "Asko" (Espiritu de  Libertad, Residue)
Radon, "Welcome Home" (Self-titled EP, No Idea)
Sokea Piste, "Vieraantuneet, Spoeutuneet" (Ajatus Karkaa, Peterwalkee)
Crimony, "Machine" (Self-titled EP, New Alliance)