#277 with Marty, Andy, & Todd - Awesome Fest 7 Edition: Razorcake Podcast

Aug 23, 2013

#277 with Marty, Andy, & Todd - Awesome Fest 7 Edition: Razorcake Podcast

I considered plagiarizing the Woodstock Wikipedia entry instead actually writing this intro, but covering my tracks seemed harder than actually saying something. Sure, I could replace Wallkill with North Park, and Santana with Radon, but “An Aquarian Exposition”? I don’t even know what the fuck they’re talking about. And I don’t care.

Awesome Fest is four bars, three days, sixty-five bands, a couple hundred other people, and a great excuse to make some more drinking buddies. Just remember to eat a meal or two during the day. Drinking water will definitely help out in the long run. And if you feel like heading out to The Office on Sunday to catch the first couple bands, I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

See ya there!


Rumspringer, “Duct Tape and Sheer Will” Stay Afloat (Dirt Cult)
Low Culture, “California” Screens (Dirtnap)
The Creeps, “We’re Going Down” Lakeside Cabin (It’s Alive)
Lipstick Homicide, “Some Sympathy” We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Coat (It’s Alive)
Tight Bros, “Trapped in my Head” Split with Rad Company (Rad Girlfriend / On The Real / more)
Nato Coles And The Blue Diamond Band, “Late Night Hero,” Promise to Deliver (ADD / Dead Broke / Eager Beaver)
Shellshag, “Face to Face,” Forever (Don Giovanni)
Carrie Nations, “Farming Communities,” Self-titled (Plan-it X)
Murmurs, “Thirty Five Summers,” Fly with the Unkindress (Dead Broke)
Riverboat Gamblers, “Sunday Dress,” Backsides (Recorded Messages)
*Dudes Night, “26th and Alston,” Split with American Lies (On The Real / Rad Girlfriend)
*American Lies, “Groundhog Day,” Split with Dudes Night (On The Real / Rad Girlfriend)
*Neighborhood Brats, “Total Dementia,” Europe 7” (Not quite sure)
Rumspringer, “Emotional Void Fraction,” Stay Afloat (Dirt Cult)

*=unreleased at the time of the podcast