#275 with Jimmy Alvarado: Razorcake Podcast

Aug 09, 2013

#275 with Jimmy Alvarado: Razorcake Podcast

A little noisemongering of both vintage and contemporary extraction to go with the “climate change” summer we’re all enjoying. Think of it as an ad hoc soundtrack for all the sweltering discomfort. Dig it.

–Jimmy Alvarado

Sharp Objects, “Another Victim” (Another Victim single, Modern Action)
The 2X4s, “Little Cities” (Bridgeport Lathe single, Bessemer Process)
Perspex Flesh, “Leech” (Ona EP, Video Disease)
Broken Prayer, “Wow” (Self-titled, Sorry State)
Bunnydrums, “Win” (Win single, self-released)
Dekoder, “Sanity” (Between the Waking and the Dying, Chaos Rurale)
Gordons, “Adults and Children” (Future Shock EP, self-released)
Algebra Mothers (aka “A-Moms”), “Strawberry Cheesecake” (Strawberry Cheesecake single, Aftertaste)
Mentally Ill, “Doggie Sex” (Strike the Bottom Red, Last Laugh)
Eyes, “Research Bee” (TAQN EP, Artifix)
Dry Hump, “Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead” (Self-titled EP, Cowabunga)
Fogna, “E Brucia Tutto Intorno” (Self-titled EP, Batshit)
Abuso Sonoro, “Opçao” (Revolte Se EP, Sin Fronteras)
Sectarian Violence, “Desocialized” (Self-titled EP, Grave Mistake)
Allergic To Whores, “Not Tonight”
Kylma Sota, “Suksi Vituun” (Self-titled EP, Raakanaama)
Totalitar, “Vi Är Eliten” (Vi Är Eliten EP, Feral Ward)
Born Bad, “Kill the Punx” (Moron Music EP, Fashionable Idiots)
Evil Army, “Severe Mental Disorder” (Split EP w/ Bury the Living, Soul is Cheap)
Plotslig Mandag, “Tusen Nalar” (Drag En Tejp Runt Mina Lår EP, Gaphals)
Kids of Zoo, “Gang Warfare” (Self-titled, Adagio830)
SPK, “Contact” (Mekano EP, Side Effects)
Public Enemy, “Hazy Shade of Criminal” (Greatest Misses, Def Jam)