#274 with Juan Espinosa: Razorcake Podcast

Aug 02, 2013

#274 with Juan Espinosa: Razorcake Podcast

I’ve really tried to not take record collecting so seriously these days. Every now and then, however, I do go out of my way to get the limited/color vinyl copy of something but I also don’t sweat it if I can’t. I’m also coming to terms that even though I’d want to, I just can’t afford or have the time to buy everything that I want or hear about. Really, though, who can and how jaded would they be?

Ultimately, it’s the tunes that are embedded onto the grooves of these little pieces of plastic that really get me excited and that’s what record collecting should be about. Here’s a sampling of what’s been spinning on my turntable as of late.

–Juan Espinosa

Belgrado, “Panopticon” (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Toys That Kill, “Maybe This Cult is Way Off” (Drunken Sailor)
Sudor, “Venga Idiota (Que Te Mueras)” (Todo Destruido)
White Wards, “Paint Huffer” (White Wards, self-released)
Neighborhood Brats, “Birth Right” (Deranged)
Sickoids, “Delusion” (Sorry State / Grave Mistake)
Gag, “Warm Milk” (Warthog Speak)
Sick/Tired, “Cracked Dome” (Cowabunga)
Mellow Harsher,  “Altered” (625 / Give Praise)
Lecherous Gaze, “Ravenous” (Tee Pee)
Hard Skin, “Sausage Man” (Feral Ward)
Night Birds, “Last Gasp” (Fat)
Eddy Current Suppression Ring, “That Time of Day” (Goner)
Dum Dum Girls: “Bedroom Eyes” (Sub Pop)
Sugar Stems: “Six Feet Under” (Dirtnap)