#273 with Mitch Clem: Razorcake Podcast

Jul 26, 2013

#273 with Mitch Clem: Razorcake Podcast

Alright, kids! It's me, your best friend, Mitch Clem, at your service! Bryan and I are back with another hour of slam-bang punk rock jams that'll have you asking "Uh... why?" ALL NIGHT LONG! Don't worry, True Believers, I sprinkled in just enough indie rock to keep all my punk cred in serious check. Come with us on a fantastic voyage of sight and sound, minus sight! Special guest Nation of Amanda pops in halfway through and brings everyone cheeseburgers! HOORAY!



Dillinger Four, "An American Banned" (Mutant Pop)
Audacity, "Punk Confusion" (Recess/Burger)
Mclusky, "No New Wave No Fun" (Too Pure)
Treasure Fleet, "Vice" (Recess)
White Lung, "Take the Mirror" (Deranged)
Basement, "Crickets Throw Their Voice" (Run For Cover)
RVIVR, "Cut the Cord" (Rumbletowne)
Big Eyes, "Back from the Moon" (Grave Mistake)
Ferd Mert, "Just How Far We Were" (self-released)
Lemuria, "Brilliant Dancer" (Bridge Nine)
NONA, "Jack Chan" (Mandible)
Sickoids, "King of the Dirt Mound" (Residue)
The Gain, "My Own Advice" (Mighty Recording)
Rocket From the Crypt, "Chariots on Fire (demo)" (Swami)