#271 with Todd Taylor: Razorcake Podcast

Jul 12, 2013

#271 with Todd Taylor: Razorcake Podcast

It's funny what songs come back around, endure. It's curious to see which bands continue to have relevance, even if it's just to you. It's not quite nostalgia as much as the sensory seeds of memory. Time travel to a certain drive, a specific time, a person. It's not always a good memories or important ones, but it is a reconnection to remind the self that there's personal history invested here, in this music. Sometimes it resonates to the present.

I'm literally surrounding myself with more and more music every week—much of it from bands brand new to me. I have to make some more shelves for my records before it gets wildly out of hand. That makes me happy.

History. It isn't getting any shorter.

-Todd Taylor

Panthro UK United 13, "Fuck LA" (No Idea)
Low Culture, "Evil" (Drunken Sailor)
Shellshag, "Forever" (Don Giovanni)
The Gun Club, "Eternally Is Here" (Drastic Plastic)
Summer Vacation, "Guerrero St.” / “I'm Hard" (Recess / Asian Man)
Night Birds, "Maimed for the Masses" (Fat)
Bill Bondsmen, "Dead" (Self-released)
Dissention, Damascus" (Bad Idea)
U.S. Bombs, "12/25" (Hellcat / Epitaph)
The Livids, "She Likes Zits" (Twistworthy)
Heavy Times, "I'm Single" (Hozac)
Frozen Teens, "Oakland" (Starcleaner)
Pity Party, "Lost Friends" (Bloated Cat)
Motörhead, "Motörhead" (Drastic Plastic)
Crusades, "Gods, Too, Decompose" (It's Alive)