#270 with Daryl Gusisn: Razorcake Podcast

Jul 05, 2013

#270 with Daryl Gusisn: Razorcake Podcast

I can't believe I've been sleeping on The Repos. These songs are maniacal! I need more and they're all snagged up already due to limited pressings and shit. Well, at least I drunkenly signed up for the Cowabunga Single Series and got this one. If you're sitting on copies and feel like helping me out, drop a line.


URTC, "Alright" (Split 7" with Mean Jeans, It's Alive)
Bad Daddies, "Regress" (Bad Year 7", Central District)
Joyride!, "Below" (Self-titled LP, Lauren)
Crusades, "Parables I (Rites of Atonement)" (Parables 7", It's Alive)
Big Eyes, "Losing Touch" (Almost Famous LP, Grave Mistake)
The Brokedowns, "Sean, Bless This Shit" (Split 7" with VBS, It's Alive)
Blood Buddies, "Tree & Bird" (Tree & Bird 7", Ghostbot)
Brain Attack, "Victims Market" (Self-titled 7", Dirt Cult)
Serious Sam Barrett, "Streetlights" (Self-titled LP, Arkam)
Daylight Robbery, "Annexed" (Distant Shores 7", PoisonCity / Dirt Cult)
Future Virgins, "Passing Curse" (Split 7" with TTK, Drunken Sailor)
Tyred Eyes, "Pistols at Dawn" (Ghost 7", Gaphals / Alien Snatch)
The Randoms, "ABCD" (Dangerhouse Vol. 2 Comp., Frontier)
The Repos, "Hole in the Hill" (Single Series 7", Cowabunga)