#269 with Jimmy Alvarado: Razorcake Podcast

Jun 28, 2013

#269 with Jimmy Alvarado: Razorcake Podcast

Summer’s just started creepin’ in as I type this. Here’s a bit o’ noisiness that’s been helping me shake off the last vestiges of spring.


Holly & The Italians, “Youth Coup” (Youth Coup single, Virgin)
Mannequin Men, “Dark Cemetery” (split EP with Rooftop Vigilantes, Replay)
Pleasure Leftists, “Elephant Men” (Elephant Men single, Katorga Works)
Black Flag, “Thirsty and Miserable” (“Licorice Pizza” single, SST)
Human Sexual Response, “Pound” (In a Roman Mood, Passport)
Criminal Code, “Distressed Dreams” (Sacred Hands single, Inimical)
A Frames, “Bumble Bee”
Alterboys, “Roy Orbit’s Son” (Club Foot comp, Subterranean)
Old Time Relijun, “Book of Life and Crime” (Witchcraft Rebellion, K)
Cutthroats 9, “You Should Be Dead” (You Should Be Dead single, Reptilian)
Abecedarians, “Soil” (Eureka, Southwest Audio Reproductions)
Can Can Heads, “Sweat Corpse” (Split EP w/ Platypus, Autotehtaat-Levyt )
Social Task, “Public Reaction” (1979 Studio Recordings EP, Artifix)
Secret Prostitutes, “Lakban Pembuat Santal” (Fantasi Di Auschwitz EP, Bat Shit)
Ribzy, “I’ll Shoot You” (Self-titled EP, Vinehell)
Davila 666, “Sabes Que Quiero” (Primero Muerta single, HoZac)
Tenement, “Violent Outlet” (Split EP w/ Culo, Cowabunga)
Dead Ending, “All the Way Down” (Self-titled, Alternative Tentacles)
Double Negative, “Drone Virus (Hits EP, Sorry State)
Texas Biscuit Bombs, “Baby Let’s Play God (Biscuit comp EP, self-released)