#268 with Mitch Clem: Razorcake Podcast

Jun 21, 2013

#268 with Mitch Clem: Razorcake Podcast

Oh dip! I got Bryan to leave that cave he calls a home for the first time in god knows how long and come record a podcast with yours motherflippin' truly!


Action Patrol, "Tube" (Whirled)
Charlie Brown Gets a Valentine, "Caffeine at Night" (Whoa Oh)
Rvivr, "Tallest Tree" (Rumbletowne)
Tiltwheel,"Al Quint Is an Emo Pussy" (Cool Guy / ADD)
Glocca Morra, "Irrevocable, Motherfucker" (Kind Of Like)
Earthmen And Strangers, "Bartender" (FDH)
Gunmoll, "Couples Skate" (No Idea)
Copyrights, "Well-Fed and Warm" (It's Alive / Red Scare)
Riverboat Gamblers, "The Song We Used to Call 'Wasting Time'" (No Idea)
P.S. Eliot, "Cry Uncle" (Freedom School)
Delightful Little Nothings, "Blah Blah" (Kill Rock Stars / Lookout!)
Crusades, "Becky" (It’s Alive / Razorcake / etc.)
Pain, "Derision" (Springman)
Bomb The Music Industry!, "The Shit That You Hate" (Quote Unquote)