#267 with Bill Pinkel: Razorcake Podcast

Jun 14, 2013

#267 with Bill Pinkel: Razorcake Podcast

Pill Binkel here with my fourth Razorcake Podcast playing some stuff I've been hoarding since the last time. I think almost all of these bands are Canadian except for the Frozen Teens who are from Minnesota (which might as well be Canada really) and a couple others. Enjoy the podcast and please send any and all hate mail to Daryl Gussin who handles my correspondence, thanks!


Needles//Pins, "Pulse" (12:34, Mammoth Cave)
Tenement, "Like a Freak Cast in Iron" (Sick Club 7", Cowabunga)
Pregnancy Scares, "Crosseyed Man" (Self-titled 7", Deranged)
Frozen Teens, "New Year" (Split w/ Street Legal, Shut Up)
Brokedowns, "This Future Sucks" (Split w/ Vacation Bible School, It's Alive!)
Big Dick, "Schoolyard Violence" (Self-titled LP, Dirt Cult)
Huff Stuff Magazine, "Yesterday's News" (Sugar Mountain, Dead Beat)
Sinkhole, "Fudge Bar" (Space Freak, Dr. Strange)
Caves, "The Mess I Made" (Homeward Bound, Yo-Yo)
Nu Sensae, "100 Shades" (Sundowning, Suicide Squeeze)
Testors, "Zooed Out" (Live Recordings 1976-1979, Yeah Right)
Steve Adamyk Band, "Had A Heart Attack" (Third, Dirtnap)
Algebra One, "Fireball" (Keep Tryst EP, Delmar)
Fear Of Lipstick, "Alone With You" (Seasons, P. Trash)
Voicemail from my awesome Grandma. (She loves me and the little scarecrow doll I bought her last Halloween.)