#266 with Bryan Static: Razorcake Podcast

Jun 07, 2013

#266 with Bryan Static: Razorcake Podcast

A few weeks ago, I was distracted from my mundane existence when I saw a camera crew outside of my apartment accompanied by a loud banging noise. After wandering outside, I heard the sad tale of how a kitten had somehow fallen into my downstairs neighbor’s fireplace from the chimney. The news crew was recording the valiant rescue attempt. The kitten got out fine and everyone went their merry way.

Hours later, I walked out into my living room to hear the faint sound of a kitten meowing in my apartment’s walls and I had no idea what to do. My neighbors eventually heard me making a lot of noise by feeling around the fireplace trying to see what could be done. They asked me to stop, which was perfectly understandable, but they refused to believe that there was still a kitten stuck in the chimney. We argued for a moment, until the meowing started again, at which point we began to plan together to get the kitten out. What it came down to was that it was too late at night to do anything and any action would have to be taken the next day.

It was hard to sleep that night, thinking about the cat who might die in my fireplace with his last memories being

Tight Bros, “Particles” (Self-titled,Rad Girlfriend)
Meat Wave, “No Definition” (Self-titled, Let’s Pretend)
Sonic Avenues, “Waste Away Alone” (Television Youth, Dirtnap)
Low Culture, “Thirty-One” (Screens, Dirtnap)
God Equals Genocide, “Get Out of It” (Rattled Minds, Razorcake/Dirt Cult)
Nervosas, “Junky” (Rev 45, Meth Mouth)
Frozen Teens, “Black Banners” (Self-titled, Do Ya Hear We!)
King Tuff, “Alone and Stoned” (Self-titled, Burger/Sub Pop)
Radiator Hospital, “Dead as Dreams” (Some Distant Moon, Forward)
Treasure Fleet, “Revenge” (Future Ways, Recess)
Whatever Brains, “I’m a Tourist” (Self-titled (2012), Sorry State)
Lenguas Largas, “How A Man Should Live” (Self-titled, Recess)
Rad Payoff, “I, Robust” (Amazing Blaze, Let’s Pretend)
Muhammadali, “You Don’t Miss Me” (Self-titled, Dirt Cult)
Modern Pets, “Snippets” (Killing Sounds for Rotten People, P. Trash)
Vacation, “No Mercy” (The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore, Adeline)
NONA, “Candy Bar Overlord” (Split w/ Peeple Watchin’, Get Better)
Bomb The Music Industry, “All Ages Show/Big Ending” (Adults!!!, Quote/Unquote)