#265 with Dave Williams: Razorcake Podcast

May 31, 2013

#265 with Dave Williams: Razorcake Podcast

Alright, so often my reviews are peppered with comparisons to ‘90s hardcore bands (the “scene” in which I really “came of age” and all that), and the handsome Todd Taylor recently asked if I might be interested in compiling a podcast to give him (and perhaps some of our loyal readership) a gander in to the world of heavy, ‘90s hardcore (and some of the more recent bands this sound spawned).

So if you'd like to put a magnifying glass on my musical, political, lyrical (and wardrobial) foundation, here it is.

–Dave Williams

Morning Again, "Uncivil Hands" (My Statement of Life in a Dying World EP, Immigrant Sun)
Trial, "Reflections" (Are These Our Lives? LP, Equal Vision)
Outspoken, "Spark" (Spotlight  CD, Indecision)
Get High, "Reflex Gun" (Self-Titled LP, Big Wheel Recreation)
Bane, "Ante Up" (Give Blood LP, Equal Vision)
Left For Dead, "Eight Floors Above" (Devoid of Everything LP, A389)
The Black Hand, "War Monger" (War Monger LP, Scorched Earth Policy)
Integrity, "ATF Assault" (Seasons In The Size of Days LP, Victory)
Ringworm, "Devil's Kiss" (Justice Replaced By Revenge LP, Victory)
Acme, "Attempt" (To Reduce The Choir To One Soloist LP, Edison)
Mörser, "Kirchgang" (Two Hours To Doom LP, Per Koro)
Uranus, "Circumstance" (Disaster By Design 2x7", Great American Steak Religion)
Orchid, "NJ vs Valhalla" (Chaos Is Me LP, Ebullition)
Buried Inside, "Time As Imperialism" (Chronoclast LP, Relapse)
Overcast, "Spun" (Fight Ambition To Kill LP, Edison)
Barrit, "And Then There Were None" (Smiles Upon The Stroke that Murders Me CD, Edison)
Krakatoa, "Indulgence" (Clouds Burned By Sunshine 7", Second Nature)
Cave In, "Big Riff" (Jupiter LP, Hydra Head)
Requiem, "Defeat" (Storm Heaven, Unleash Hell LP, Crimethinc)
The Spectacle, "Reward" (Rope Or Guillotine? LP, Crimethinc)
Rise And Fall, "Deceiver" (Faith LP, Deathwish)
Oathbreaker, "Origin" (Maelstrom LP, Deathwish)
Reign Supreme, "The Hopelessly Devoted" (Sky Burial EP, Mediaskare)
Homewrecker, "Chained Hanging Victim" (Worms And Dirt LP, A389)
Cynarae, "Harbinger" (Cynarae / Ancient Shores Split LP, A389)
Ilsa, "Foreign Lander" (Intoxicantations LP, A389)
Seven Sisters Of Sleep, "The Flock" (Opium Morals LP, A389)