#264 with Todd Taylor: Razorcake Podcast

May 24, 2013

#264 with Todd Taylor: Razorcake Podcast

What’s the point?

I don’t know.


Part of me wishes that I didn’t have this hair up my ass, that I could just let it be and say stuff like, “Yeah, man, I really love The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and The Eagles. I would so like to jam out to ‘Hotel California’ right now.”

But I just can’t.

I just don’t have those genes or something. Popular music holds very little appeal to me.

Some dude is currently emailing the website, threatening to sue us because a reviewer didn’t like a popular American band, The Beach Boys. He’s bullying us to fire the reviewer and to delete the review from our site. It’s not a scathing review. I just don’t like the dude’s attitude. I don’t like people who I don’t know telling me I “must” do something.

It’s called an underground for a reason, no?
These are opinions, not law enforcement seminars.

I really don’t care about being different. I don’t care about being obscure. I just like the bands and songs I like for personal reasons. Be true to your weird wiring, right? Here are some songs that I really like that’ve come my way over the past couple of months.

Hope you dig ‘em. If there’s something that piques your attention, please seek it out. That keeps the robots from totally winning.

This podcast is dedicated to Willa The Cat. She’s between sixteen and eighteen years old and she almost died a couple weeks back. She’s a nice cat. I like her.

–Todd Taylor

Rough Kids, “Cyanide” (Sorry State)
Night Marchers, “Loud, Dumb, and Mean” (Swami)
Warm Soda, “Violent Blue” (Castle Face)
Overnight Lows, “Shouldn’t Say It” (Blahll!)
Moralens Väktare, “Du Är En Tönt (Dead Beat)
Audacity, “Fun Spot,” (Recess / Burger)
Spokenest, “We Move” (Self-released)
Smart Cops, “Vesciche in Guerra” (Sorry State)
Neon Piss, “Siege Mentality” (Deranged)
Obnox, “Cash Weed Green” (12XU)
Resonars, “Tomorrow Gears” (Burger)
Destruction Unit, “Evil Man” (Jolly Dream)
Muhamadali, Hickey cover (?), unlisted last song on record (Dirt Cult)
Xaxaxa, “Hrabar nov svet” (Moonlee / Prügelprinz / Napravizaedno / Gaphals / Pank) [“Brave New World”]
Matthew Hart, “Do You Ever” (Ghostbot)
Chill Dawgs, “Space Dawg” (Do What?)