#261 with Juan Espinosa: Razorcake Podcast

May 03, 2013

#261 with Juan Espinosa: Razorcake Podcast

Hello and welcome to my latest podcast for Razorcake!
Not much to say this time around, folks. I’ll let the music do the talking. So sit back, turn your speakers up loud and get ready for the thrashing of a lifetime!

–Juan Espinosa

Futuro, “Sair Di Mim” (Spicoli / Nada Nada)
Wild Child, “Viral Load” (Deranged)
Deformity, “Shards” (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Criminal Code, “No Such Omen” (Deranged)
Broken Prayer, “Wow!” (Sorry State)
Needles, “Desesperacion” (Iron Lung)
Hoax, “Strikeout” (Adagio)
Ilegal, “Rabia” (Static Age)
See You In Hell, Podivej (Insane Society / Voltage)
Rival Mob, “Be Somebody” (Revelation)
Boston Strangler, “Gonna Make You Pay” (Fun With Smack)
Glam, “Crisis Atomica” (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Ancestors, “IX” (Youth Attack)