#259 with Sean Carswell: Razorcake Podcast

Apr 19, 2013

#259 with Sean Carswell: Razorcake Podcast

My column in Razorcake issue #73 is all about the Japanese band The Blue Hearts. Not to give away the ending, but I’m seriously lobbying for someone (besides me) to bootleg the first two Blue Hearts albums. Until that happens, I figured I’d share a few Blue Hearts songs and weave them in with a recording of me reading the column. The songs are listed in order; all of them are by The Blue Hearts.

For all my talk of “Linda Linda” in the column, I did not play it in this podcast, in part because I’ve played it in two other podcasts. You can access one (which is all about my favorite Japanese punk)

“Train Train”
“Hoshi o Kudasai”
“Sha ra ra”
“Kiss Shite Hoshii”
“Chain Gang”
“Mirai wa Bokura no Te no Naka”
“Heisei no Blues”