#256 with Todd Taylor: Razorcake Podcast

Mar 29, 2013

#256 with Todd Taylor: Razorcake Podcast

“Everyone smells like piss just a little bit/
And everyone’s been ripped up/
And everyone everywhere is definitely dying.”

Those are the last words sung on this podcast, courtesy of Will Thomas, the lead singer of the Careeners (formerly Grabass Charlestons). I don’t intend it to be a downer. I mean it to be conformational. Accept the worst. Calibrate expectations accordingly.

The punk that I love—under-the-radar, not-very-sellable-to-preteens DIY punk—is mostly human. It’s fractured, querulous, imperfect, fuck-uppable, fucked-up. Full of bad ideas and poor execution. Weird.

It’s also noble. And good listening. Not for keeners.

Yeah, I’m a sillyheart. I still believe in community over competition.

I have no fucking idea if any or all of these bands/band members believe in any of that. But I do know when I listen to these songs, I feel like they’re protecting me with armor against the bad shit that rises up like a black tide over and over and over again.

-Todd Taylor

Tragedy, “Conflicting Ideas” (Tragedy)
Roky Erickson, “I Think of Demons” (415)
Dirtbombs, “High Octane Salvation” (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Pink Reason, “Ache for You” (Savage Quality)
Heavy Times, “P.O. Box” (Rotted Tooth)
Pity Party, “Baby Makes Three” (Underground Communiqué)
Bits Of Shit, “Reign / Tally’s World” (Homeless)
The Sonics, “Cinderella” (Norton)
Swingin’ Utters, “The Librarians Are Hiding Something” (Fat)
Solid Attitude, “Disco Nap” (Rotten Tooth)
Snuff, “All Good Things” (Fat)
Gorilla Angreb, “Jeg Går Ikke I Sort” (Kick n’ Punch)
Occult Detective Club, “The President Says” (Dirt Cult)
Suburban Lawns, “Janitor” (IRS)
La Fraction, “Odolnost” (Fraction)
Daylight Robbery, “Don’t Put out the Fire” (Residue)
Sloane Peterson, “Tired Eyes”
Lost Sounds, “Black Coats/White Fear” (In The Red)
Rocket From The Crypt, “California Lights” (Swami)
Grabass Charlestons/Careeners, “Existential Dale” (No Idea)