#254 with Todd Taylor: Razorcake Podcast

Mar 15, 2013

#254 with Todd Taylor: Razorcake Podcast

For this podcast, the goal post is set up for the final two songs. I actually laughed when I paired them together: Kelli Peach Pop and No Statik is pretty much like rolling a scoop of ice cream into society’s ashes and licking away.

And I like them both, for wildly different reasons. No reason to be all “subdivisions of the mind / scene cop” about it.

My argument is the thirteen songs which precede them set up part of the grey area between the two. Your conclusions may vary. Depends how uptight you are.

Let’s all get fat off this current buffet of great music being played and released by DIY punks. Get out the sweatpants, stretch the elastic of your ears, dig in, and get down.

-Todd Taylor

PS: A note about the photo. The reason for the napkin? I was about to eat some pizza and there weren’t any pockets in my Buttercup uniform. Uniform, not costume. We worked.


Low Culture, “California” (Dirtnap)
Mischief Brew, “Bang-Up Policework” (Fistolo)
Blitz, “Warriors” (PHR)
Big Eyes, “Losing Touch” (Dirtnap)
The Incredible Kidda Band, “She’s a 50” (Last Laugh)
Birthday Suits, “Wonderland America” (Asian Man)
Synthetic ID, “Pressure Gauge” (1-2-3-4-Go!)
So Cow, “Laundry Service” (Inflated)
Todd Cong’s Time To Be A Pussy, “Dead Inside” (Lauren)
Mean Jeans, “I Miss Outer Space” (Dirtnap)
Treasure Fleet, “Future Ways” (Recess)
The Divine 6/7, “Bill Reeves Dream World” (Arkam)
CC Riders, “Train Kepta Rollin’” (Spacecase)
Dan Padilla, “Never Learned Algebra” (Dirt Cult)
Peach Kelli Pop, “Society of Enoch” (Bachelor)
No Statik, “Clean Swift Sunshine” (Prank)