25 SUAVE: I Want It Loud: CD

Aug 12, 2006

It creeps me out when I see a picture of a band and one of the members has a severe receding hairline and wears their hair long. If you have ever seen a picture of the singer of the metal band Strapping Young Lad, you know what I mean. Well, the singer/guitarist is pictured in forehead glory. That is a hard sell, baby. It’s not going to make the blind consumer yell out with devil horns in the air saying, “I’m buying this one! It’s going to rock!” Ironically, this does rock in a later-period Corrosion of Conformity, a dash of Motörhead meets Gene Simmons, not Paul Stanley, singing for Kiss kind of way. Mid-tempo rock that is not annoying like the bad bar rock band at the country-western bar that has the cheap beer specials.

 –don (Bastard Sun)