#247 with Daryl Gussin: Razorcake Podcast

Jan 18, 2013

#247 with Daryl Gussin: Razorcake Podcast

Man, sometimes I really feel sorry for bands that achieve commercial success. To really have to care in all the wrong ways. To me punk isn't all "I don’t give a fuck!" But it definitely is a large part of it. Especially when it comes to what other people think. And in some way to have to give that up would be gut-wrenching.

Below is a group of tracks that, for the most part, don't seem to give a fuck what you think. This tracklisting originally started out as non-stop scorchers, but that's not what I listen to all the time, so I threw in some other tracks.

This podcast is dedicated to trading records. Much love to all the labels and bands.


Violent Change, "Violent Change" (Suck on a Gun 7", Melters)
Sokea Piste, "Imbesilli Jättiläinen" (Self-titled 7", Peterwalkee)
Bill Bondsmen, "Nineteen" (Self-released)
Spent Flesh, "Thirty Day Hangover" (Self-titled 10", P. Trash / FDH /Sit & Spin)
Dogjaw, "Evelyn" (Slow to Build LP, Rumbletowne)
School Jerks, "Problems" (Bad Vibrations LP, Grave Mistake)
The Cellos, "Toronto" (Bomb Shelter LP, Dead Beat)
Urban Blight, "No Time" (Total War 7", Static Shock)
The Figgs, "Another Point of View" (Casino Hayes 7", Peterwalkee)
Siamese Twins, "Stutter" (In a Box 7", Labor of Love)
Wasted Time, "Isolationist" (Futility LP, Grave Mistake)
Plague Dogs, "Barren" (Self-titled 12" EP, Sit & Spin)
Brain Tumors, "Improper Execute" (Self-titled LP, Dead Beat)
RiverCity Tanlines, "When I Became You" (Coast to Coast LP, Big Legal Mess)