#246 with Todd Taylor: Razorcake Podcast

Jan 11, 2013

#246 with Todd Taylor: Razorcake Podcast

When we started these podcasts several years back, I thought it’d be a good idea to have themes so we didn’t overlap one another too much. Commercial radio blows and one thing commercial radio does is play bad songs so often that people buy those songs and I get bummed out when I’m buying groceries or pumping gas when I hear it over the intercom. So, I suggested to our podcasters to play stuff that hasn’t been beaten into the ground.

The longer we’re at it, I’ve realized that the main theme of Razorcake podcasts is “please don’t suck.” That’s the theme.

Okay, that’s not completely true. “Play a lion’s share of DIY punk.” Because that’s what’s Razorcake’s about. We think it’s the best music on the planet, otherwise we’re wasting both your and our time.

I live in a cultural bubble. I totally cop to it.  It gives me great joy to be totally straight-faced and honest when someone asks me about Justin Beiber or Jessica Simpson or Brittney Spears or Lady Gaga, and I have no fucking idea what they’re about or one fucking note of their music. It’s amazing how quiet the world gets when you don’t reflect its garbage back to it.

Tilt the balance. Fuck those corporate sharecroppers of the mind.

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