#243 with Ever Velasquez: Razorcake Podcast 12/21/12

Dec 21, 2012

#243 with Ever Velasquez: Razorcake Podcast 12/21/12

Hey guys! It's been foreves, but I haven't forgotten you! Hope enjoy this new podcast full of surprises!


The Oath, “Colostomy Grab Bag” (Self-titled EP, Coalition)
Mentors, “Going Through Your Purse” (Get Up & Die, Mystic)
God Equals Genocide, “You're Different” (Rattled Minds, Razorcake/Dirt Cult)
Blitz, “Razor In The Night” (In Control Comp.)
O.B.D., “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” (Return to the 36 Chambers: Dirty Version)
Spazz, “Sir Wax A lot” (Possesed To Skate Comp.)
Young Guv & The Scuzz, “Heal Over Time” (A Love Too Strong, Southpaw)
Pud, “The Kids Wanna Rock’n’Roll” (I Was A Teenage Rancour, Recess)
Seein ' Red, “Life Is Short” (Marinus, Ebullition)
Condenada, “Amor Es Amor” (Lengua Armada)
Maddness, “Boat Ride To Cairo”
Limp Wrist, “Stabbed In The Back”
Daylight Robbery, “Racer Racer” (Ecstatic Vision, Residue)
Apathetic Youth, “Despise You”
Toys That Kill, “I Am The Fly” (Flys, Asian Man)
Kenny Rogers, “The Gambler”