#241 with Sean Carswell: Razorcake Podcast 12/07/12

Dec 07, 2012

#241 with Sean Carswell: Razorcake Podcast 12/07/12

There’s no theme to this podcast. I was just down at Razorcake HQ and had a little extra time, so I teamed up with Todd to spin some records. Everything here came off a seven-inch. Some of this music should be very familiar to Razorcake readers. Some of it is almost impossible to get your hands on. Nothing really connects the songs other than that the records happened to be by my record player when I was getting ready to head over to the HQ. Well, that and it’s all fucking awesome. I hope you enjoy it.

–Sean Carswell

Marked Men “Oh My Pretty Face”
That’s Incredible “80 Doing 90”
Minds “Knifed”
Rough Kids “Why So Serious”
Closet Fairies “Union Suit”
Whiskey Sunday “Laughing Academics”
Broken Bottles “Suburban Dream”
Teenage Bottlerocket “Why I Let You Go”
Witches With Dicks “Second Chance”
The Tiffs “Background Music”
Epoxies “Synthesized”
This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb “Jack Johnson”
Superchunk “Blinders”
Unlovables “Ramona”
God Damn Doo Wop Band “I’ll Always Be Your Girl”
Birthday Suits “It’s About Time”