#239 with Jimmy Alvarado: Razorcake Podcast 11/23/12

Nov 23, 2012

#239 with Jimmy Alvarado: Razorcake Podcast 11/23/12

Up to this point I’ve been laying off the hardcore, for the most part, in favor of a more diverse selection of the punk-oriented stuff that was in the air during the period I was thirteen to twenty years old. While it’s true that I was listening to a lot of different stuff thanks to the varied tastes of friends, radio programmers and my own odd sonic proclivities, it’d be disingenuous to imply that I/we didn’t listen to hardcore, which was the prevailing form of the period. I listened to a friggin’ ton of the stuff (still do, to be perfectly honest), and adored it, damned near every band I was in at the time was playing some sort of hardcore variant and I was buying records of it with every spare dollar I could keep hold of.

This podcast is part three of a sampling of some of the zippy, noisy shit that got me, and many other locals, careening off of walls. How the hell a buncha kids from the eastside of Los Angeles found out about obscure bands from places like Florida, Holland, Finland and Sweden is a testament to the efforts of late night radio DJs, hip record stores and the tenacity of rags like Flipside and MRR. I thank ’em kindly.

–Jimmy Alvarado

Zany Guys, “Hardcore” (Party Hits Vol. II EP, Placebo)
Hated Youth, “Hardcore Rules” (We Can’t Help it if we’re from Florida comp, Destroy)
Disorder, “Provocated War” (The Riot City Years, Step-1)
Zero Boys, “Outta Style” (Vicious Circle, Toxic Shock)
Bad Brains, “Pay to Cum” (Self-titled, ROIR)
BGK, “Gone Mad” (White Male Dumbinance EP, Vögelspin)
Cause for Alarm, “True Colors” (Self-titled EP, self-released)
Roach Motel, “More Beer” (Roach & Roll EP, Destroy)
Artistic Decline, “Reality or Dream” (Random Violence, Deco)
Crewd, “Soldier of Fortune” (Gather ’Round, Bemisbrain)
Grim, “No Respect” (Getting Revenge in ‘Merica EP, Mystic)
The Klan, “Cover Girls” (Pushin’ Too Hard single, Posh Boy)
Agression, “Body Count” (Don’t Be Mistaken LP, BYO)
Code of Honor, “Fight or Die” (Split LP w/ Sick Pleasure, Subterranean)
Necros, “IQ32” (IQ32 EP, Touch & Go)
Gang Green, “Terrorize” (Old School, Taang)
Battalion of Saints, “Second Coming” (Second Coming single, Mystic)
Deranged Diction, “Kill or be Killed” (Eat Me cassette comp, BCT)
McDonalds, “Miniature Golf” (Process of Elimination compilation, Touch & Go)
Pig Children, “Sick” (Blood for the State EP, Savage Beat)
Conflict (Tucson), “Fester” (Last Hour, Placebo)
Conservatives, “Beaver Cleaver” (You Can’t Argue withSucksess comp, Mystic)
Beyond Possession, “What’s the Matter” (Tell Tale Heart 7” EP, Fango)
Nip Drivers, “Dog & a Cow” (Destroy Whitey, New Alliance)
Clitboys, “Gay’s OK” (We Don’t Play the Game EP, Feedback)
Target of Demand, “Botulizm” (Man’s Ruin, Happy Hermit)
Final Conflict, “Central America” (Ashes to Ashes, Tackle Box)
Mob 47, “Rustning är ett brott” (Kärnvapen Attack EP, Uproar)
Terveet Kädet, “T. Tuho” (Ääretön Joulu EP, Poko)
Zyklome A, “Scapegoats” (World Class Punk comp, ROIR)
White Cross, “Nuke Attack” (We Got Power comp LP, Mystic)
Beastie Boys, “Posse in Effect” (Licensed to Ill, Def Jam)
Run DMC, “Dumb Girl” (Raising Hell, Def Jam)
JFA, “Walk Don’t Run” (We KnowYou Suck, Alternative Tentacles)
Dicks, “I Hope You Get Drafted” (1980-86, Alternative Tentacles)
Greg + Greg, “Running Fast” (Desperate Teenage Lovedolls soundtrack, Gasatanka)