#237 with Juan Espinosa: Razorcake Podcast 11/09/12

Nov 09, 2012

#237 with Juan Espinosa: Razorcake Podcast 11/09/12


(Glictch art by Candice Tobin)

Welcome to my fifth podcast for Razorcake!

As I mentioned in the actual podcast, this time around I picked out several different songs from bands I am currently enjoying the fuck out of and/or are also currently active.

Actively seeking out music beyond the comfort and ease of digital downloading is important to me. In fact, I can’t name one band whose record that I didn’t buy that I’ve downloaded onto a computer.

If there were ever trends that I’d like to see spread like wildfire they would involve more people in the record stores and more mail carriers delivering packages (with records of course) to people’s doorsteps.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy!

Tranzmitors, “Writing on the Wall”, Writing on the Wall b/w Dream Our Dreams Away 7”(React!)
Big Eyes, “Back From the Moon”, Back From the Moon b/w I Don’t Care about Friday Night 7”(Grave Mistake)
Occult Detective Club, “Ships at Sea” Split 10” with Something Fierce (Dirtnap)
Give, “Boots of Faith” Boots of Faith b/w Going Confetti 7”(Deranged)
Hatred Surge, “Brutal Tyranny” Brutal Supremacy double 7” comp (Painkiller)
Mob Rules, “Untitled”, The Donor LP (Sorry State)
No Statik, “Earhammer Soundsystem” Never Be a Martyr b/w Earhammer Soundsystem 7” (No Statik)
The Ropes, “Down In Flames”, Demo II 7” (Youth Attack)
Total Control, “Rogue Abortion”, Split 12” with Thee Oh Sees (Castle Face)
Giant Haystacks, “Slack Nail”, Split 12” with Young Offenders (625)
Tenement, “City Bus #30”, Napalm Dream (Mandible)
Little Cuts “What We Can’t Deny”, Bishop Eyes b/w What We Can’t Deny 7” (Bag Of Hammers)