21-GUNS: Not So Bad: CDEP

Sep 11, 2009

These brazen young whippersnappers ferociously unleash a chaos-charged cacophony of aggressively snotty (and slightly poppy) punkrock fury that inspires me to spastically hop around the room like a rabid amphetamine-tweaked kangaroo! The explosive rapidfire bombardments of songs are short, brisk, lightning-fast, and frenetically pleasing to the ears... somewhat similar to the anarchic audial disorder of Anti-Flag and a shreddin' bit of Shattered Faith. 21-Guns proficiently possess all of the required sonic attributes that mayhemically make this a perfect collection of pure gut-pummeling punkrock rowdiness: insolently taunting phlegm-spittin' vocals, fiery woodshop-saw guitar riffs, brain-rattlin' freight-train bass rumblings, and overheated machine-gun staccato bursts of embittered drumming madness. Hell yeh, let's hear more of it, boys...

 –guest (21-Guns)