20TH CENTURY TOKYO PRINCESS: I’ve Never Been Happy & I’ve Never Had Fun: Cassette

This tape sounds kind of funky, the way tapes sometimes do, where turning it up just makes it worse. Somehow, this is a positive. If I had the internet, I’d’ve downloaded it, but I don’t and they sent this tape, so it is what it is, fancy download code be damned. Don’t expect your head to explode. It’s, musically, the Germs and, vocally, the Modern Lovers. There’s a picture of Lou Reed on the cover. This is the kind of band that I’d like to be from my town so I could drunkenly bounce around while they play, but not a band I would go out of town to drunkenly bounce around to. That does make sense? If you’re into the whole, “How fucking doped out do we sound?” thing, this is all you. Also, their bass player is good.

 –Rene Navarro (Random Old Records & Tapes)