20BELOWS, THE: For Better Days: CD

Nov 02, 2010

Scandinavia, you will be the death of America! Apparently, not only have you bested us on the health care and quality of living fronts, you are also capable of producing superior pop punk bands! Americans, take note! The only way that we can resolve this problem is by using a “drone mouse trap” to kidnap the 20Belows and force them to salute the American flag and/or play a basement show in Minneapolis! Amazing pop punk, with a singer who sometimes sounds like (in a good way) John K. Samson, of the Weakerthans, Propagandhi, et. al. Super catchy pop punk! Lyrics include, “We’d get drunk and play for fun’s sake, sing along to punk rock mix tapes, now and then I long for those days.” I’m guessing that this band’s name is a Teen Idols reference, and this entire band is a Screeching Weasel meets Swingin’ Utters reference. If this were a cereal, it’d be a cereal from Europe that’s better than Trix and that I don’t even know about! Buy this or be forced to buy it when Denmark invades the United States and turns it into a socialist state! Your choice.

 –maddy (Monster Zero)