1997: A TEEN QUEEN TIME CAPSULE: $3, 5 ½” x 8 ½”, copied, 16 pgs.

Sep 25, 2014

In reading perzines, it’s exciting to find parallels with the author. Yet, it’s more intriguing when confronted with the stark differences of personal experience. The major flaw with this zine is its lack of a clear delineation between its two authors. Assuming each contributed every other page (which is all I could fathom after multiple reads), Deirdree Prudence’s input was my favorite of the two. Her entries seem like intimate confessions, as if I’m reading the diary she left open on her bed. I can relate to this sixteen-year-old girl who liked crafting and watching “vintage game shows.” In comparison, Jolie Nunez-Noggle’s collage illustrations seem to serve only as a means of breaking up text and bring little to no substance to the table. Hopefully, there’s a stronger, more focused zine around the corner that isn’t satisfied by padding its length with poorly copied collages.It’s 2014, not 1997; there are solutions to these light balance problems. –Ashley Ravelo (MC Sunflower Jones, 1514 Studebaker Rd., Long Beach, CA90815)