1984: Why Not?: LP

Jan 19, 2012

This reissue of a very campy 1987 Polish new wave demo comes with a cool foldout lyric sheet / poster of the band. They look like a punker Duran Duran and sound about the same. 1984 was a very important group in the history of Polish punk and there’s an undeniable charm to the sheer silliness of it all. From what I can tell, this release is an attempt to restore a recording previously only available as a self-released demo cassette. Major props go out to Pasażer and Underground Reality for trying to preserve historic Polish punk. I’m putting the poster up on my wall until someone asks if it’s Duran Duran.

 –Art Ettinger (Underground Factory, xfactoryx.blogspot.com /Pasażer, pasazer.pl)