1984: Specjalny Rodzaj Kontrastu: LP

I only have my own boring historical context with which to review this album. The lyrics and notes are in Polish and I’m not sure who this album is made for, save an emerging scene and/or a continuation of an existing interest in dark electronic pop I’m not familiar with. When I was younger (yawn) D.C. had a very small punk scene. I was too young to be fully involved in the really historical stuff, but there were places to hang out and many groups were fairly accepting of anything. This reminds me of music played in clubs at this time. It’s slow, electric, minimal, and goth-like (as much as I understood goth at the time). Not the mall goth, but the people actually hanging out in dark places—meaning goths who turned twenty-one, probably. I had very wide eyes then; everything was impressive to me. This music is mysterious, but only in that I haven’t heard anything like it in awhile and I don’t understand Polish. What I mean is: I either don’t get it, or it’s made for people like me, which I doubt very much. Either way, it’s very well done. As a point of reference, I don’t really like The Faint, although I sort of understand why some people might. It doesn’t sound like that sort of thing, but the sort of thing that a person who likes The Faint might smoke a joint to. 

 –Billups Allen (Pasazer)