1971: Self-titled: Cassette

While I felt like the band kiiiinda noodled on too long in the majority of these songs for my personal tastes, there’s no refuting that there’s some real power here, and 1971 has, hands down, some of the most impressive lyrics I’ve read in some time. Smart, agile, and thoughtful stuff that seamlessly merges the personal and political. And if some of the songs work from a kind of odd and stumbling doom/punk amalgam, or even a manic, caffeine-heavy version of indie stuff ala old Crackerbash—who 1971 has almost assuredly never heard, so that’s probably just me—that’s okay, because when these guys are on, they are seriously on. I’m personally a fan of brevity as far as chops go, so this probably won’t get a lot of repeat listens, but I’m sure there’s plenty out there who’d go bananas for these dudes. 

 –keith (Faxed)