16: Lost Tracks of Time: 12”

Heavy, riff-laden groove music with lyrics about hating yourself. This is what I want to listen to all day. These were recorded the same time as Zoloft Smile in 2001 and don’t sound like lame leftovers or out of place with the songs that made it to the album. However, the three songs on this 12” fit together cohesively and I can see how maybe they intended to put this out as an EP ten years ago and it just fell by the wayside. These guys were around during the original stoner/sludge boom of the ‘90s and though these songs are older, they still show a band that had their shit together and were already ahead of the pack, sonically speaking. They remind me of earlier Eyehategod or Cavity because they play that angry dirge-y style of metal but can still pull off punk beats and power chords when they want to. This is the soundtrack to getting fucked up and punching the steering wheel because your whole family hates you. If you’re into ‘90s stoner stuff you already know this band, but if you are into newer bands like Torche, High On Fire, etc., then this is definitely worth your time to look into.

 –Ian Wise (Last Hurrah)