12XU: Les Grandes Marées: CD / LP

Sep 05, 2012

I have always appreciated when bands whose mother tongue is not English perform their music in that primary language. I usually have no interest in figuring out what they’re saying, but instead find the vocals to act as an instrument, becoming another tone. France’s 12XU provides the right vocal sound (utilizing two vocalists) to compliment their punky emo pop stylings. And it does so quite well—energetic when need be, passionate where appropriate, but always right on the money. The music is generally fast (eleven songs in twenty-five minutes) but not reckless. It’s catchy and fun but not irreverent. I’d heard some songs by 12XU on previous seven inches but this full-length is far superior to any of that. There may be a part of me that is unable to completely relate to it since it’s being sung in French, thus, it may never be my favorite album, but I still can’t deny it’s a fun, endearing listen and therefore comes recommended.

 –kurt (Bakery Outlet)

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